Set Your Child Up for Success When They Enter School

Learn more about our local preschool curriculum for pre-kindergarten and older children in Temple, TX

Whether your little one is pre-kindergarten or already in school, supplemental learning can greatly benefit them. At Ignite Learning Academy, we've implemented an excellent local preschool curriculum for children of all ages in the Temple, TX area.

From social studies to social and emotional learning, we'll help your child get ahead of the curve. Our classrooms use the Children's Learning Institute (CLI) curriculum to create kindergarten-ready preschool students.

Learn more about our curriculum for pre-kindergarten children

We'll make sure your child is kindergarten-ready at our preschool. We focus on five key domains to support the development of pre-kindergarten children. This includes:

  1. Social-emotional development
  2. Language and communication development
  3. Cognitive development
  4. Physical development and health
  5. Approaches to learning
Our local preschool curriculum is based on research and the belief that the best way to teach children is through engaging hands-on learning. To learn more, contact us today.