Looking for a Great Preschool?

Turn to us for local child care services in Temple, TX

You need to make sure that your child is well cared for while you go to work for the day. You also want to help prepare them for their school years. That's why parents in Temple, TX make Ignite Learning Academy their go-to local child care center. Our full-day preschool offers year-round services for children ages three to five.

What sets us apart from other preschools?

You don't want to send your kids to just any full-day preschool. Parents love our local child care center because:

  • We offer a specific curriculum for children preparing to enter kindergarten
  • We offer day care tours to prospective parents
  • We're open five days a week throughout the entire year
  • We keep classes small so each child can get attentive care
  • We provide toys and flexible start times
We can also offer part-time services for the summer only. You will need to send your child to our preschool with food, a nap mat and a blanket. To learn more, contact us today.